Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Exotic Teapot Flowering Tea Review

The Exptic Teapot Flowering TeaYou'd be forgiven for thinking that Tea, although lovely, isn't very pretty but that's because you haven't seen flowering tea!

The Exotic Teapot offers delicately hand tied flowering tea - sourced directly from artisan premium grade tea growers from the Fujian Provence in China.

The Exptic Teapot Flowering TeaPresented in a beautiful pressed flower cardboard gift box, I received the Flowering Tea Mug gift set which included a glass infuser mug  and a tin full of a variety of flowering teas all individually sealed. 

The Mug is delicate glass and is very well designed, it has a lovely handle and the lid cleverly turns upside down to become a coaster to rest the removable infuser once your tea has brewed. 

The Exptic Teapot Flowering TeaThe flowering tea starts off in a small ball - it looks like a little ball of wool! and over the course of a few minutes, it slowly unfolds to reveal a beautiful flower. 

In my photos, you can see Jasmine Fairies as the example - the smell was divine, I do love Jasmines and the tea tasted delicious, very refreshing. 
Each tea can be re-steeped 3 times.

The Exptic Teapot Flowering Tea
The gift box I received to review costs £20 and The Exotic Teapot have lots of gift sets to chose from, including their stunning glass teapots. Prettiest tea ever :-)

Also available from amazon. 
Emma Meal Planning Mummy xx