Thursday, 9 May 2013

Discovery challenge for Cinco de Mayo 2013

Fajita recipe using DiscoveryI was really excited to be chosen to take part in this years' Cinco de Mayo challenge set by Discovery for a taste of Mexican food!

We were lucky enough to be sent a pack from Discovery Foods to help us celebrate Mexican Cinco de Mayo!

It literally means 5th of May and is a day to celebrate the Mexican victory at the battle of Puebla.

Discovery Goddy BAgWe don't have any Mexican heritage in our family but we do love to learn about other countries and cultures and especially like to discover new foods and tastes!

My pack included:
The Perfect Fajita Kit.
Garlic and herb soured cream.
A jar of fajita season and sauce.

The new Garlic and herb soured cream is delicious - my youngest enjoyed using it as a chip dip! I've used it in my fajitas recipes below. It comes in a squeeze bottle and is just the right size as it keeps in the fridge for a week after opening.

The husband's Fajita:
Using the perfect fajita kit box
Now, the official recipe calls for peppers and salsa- so what do you do if hubby doesn't eat peppers ... or salsa? This is how I omitted them!

Makes 3/4 fajitas.

Fajita recipe using Discovery - coating the chickenFirst grab two raw organic chicken breasts and slice into strips or chunks.

Coat in half the pack of seasoning and some oil.

Fajita recipe using Discovery - frying the chickenGrease up your frying pan and fry the chicken on low for about 10 mins or until cooked.

While you are doing that, warm your wraps - I did mine under the grill - and oops! I forgot one was warming!

I also washed some mixed salad leaves (I used organic rocket, watercress and spinach)
Fajita recipe using Discovery - oops I burnt one!

On a warm wrap, lay out some salad leaves, add some chicken chunks and drizzle in garlic and herb sour cream.

Wrap and serve!

Fajita recipe using DiscoveryHubby loves them and said they had the right amount of kick!

Now for the veggie version!

I used quorn steak style strips for this but I'd be confident for good results with soy mince and other meat alternatives too.

Coat the veggie "meat" in the other half of the seasoning and fry in the pan with plenty of oil. (I find quorn quick to dry out)

Throw in some veg - Beside the Pepper, I added a courgette because I had one to use up!

Fajita recipe using Discovery and Quorn for Veggie versionI also added a bit of grated cheddar (although not called for on the box recipe, I find cheese goes well with Mexican flavours!) and I warmed the wraps (without burning one this time! Yey)

To the warm wraps, I added some salad leaves, the veggie mix from the frying pan and a good squeeze of the garlic sour cream!


Emma x
Meal Planning Mummy.

* in order to do this review, Discovery sent me their products.

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