Friday, 22 March 2013

Simple lamb leg steak for kids

Meal Planning Mummy Emma's simple lamb leg steak for kidsI started off doing baby led weaning (blw) for both my children and it went really well but then my 3 year old became ridiculously fussy and with trying to prepare 4 different meals to suit everyone - with hubby eating several hours after the kids and with a scarily messy kitchen (seriously, I wouldn't eat food prepared in a kitchen that looked like this if it wasn't my own dirt!) and an endless tiresome list of things to do ... I got a bit kitchen lazy.

I'm not sure how it got that way to be honest, but I suddenly realised that far to often I was feeding the kids "bung it in the oven" things - usually a chicken teddy/dinosaur/dipper etc with a pile of chips and a token pea or two on the side.

This isn't what I want to feed them so I'm trying to go back to blw basics. I'm Organic all the way! (well, as much as budget allows and shops stock!)

Tonight they have organic lamb!

I've done a very plain and simple lamb leg steak (I've made one steak between the two of them)

I've accompanied this with a few french fries and rocket leaves with spring onion.

Pre heat the oven and grill.

Pop two handfuls of frozen oven french fries (we like the McCain ones) onto a baking tray and gracefully place in the oven.

Plain and simple, just grill the lamb leg steak. Nothing added to it. I did 10mims on one side and then turned it over and did 10 more mins on the other side.

Whilst that's cooking, wash some rocket leaves and arrange on the plates.

Chop up a spring onion - I peel off the outer layer and chop the white to light green part into discs with scissors (see, I'm not a classically trained chef or anything!). Artistically arrange on the plates.

Once cooked, slice the lamb and remove any fatty or rubbery or boney or gross looking bits and place on the plates along with the chips and allow to cool - the lamb needs a few mins to "rest" anyway.

Half way through eating, there was a request from my youngest for cheese so we also had a few cubes of cheddar too!

Although it goes against the usual blw advice, my 19month old is happier with the meat chopped into a few small pieces at a time that she can pop some on a folk herself whilst leaving a larger bit for exploring!

I made this for my 19month old and 3year old. My 19month old ate a fair amount of everything whilst my fussy 3 year old ate 1 rocket leaf and two chips :-/ (I wonder how he is so happy and healthy sometimes! - it really is baffling!)

I'll be redoing the whole thing again with the second lamb leg steak later on (without the cheese) for hubby! - such a shame he isn't home from work or hungry to eat at 5-6pm with the kids!

Everything except for the chips was organic - I fully recommend eating organic as much as you can.

Emma x
Meal planning mummy

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